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Learn how to make and use money to create a future you deserve.

How to save

Are you struggling to save? Or maybe you’re saving, but aren’t sure the best place to keep your money? This complete guide to saving has you covered.

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The Claro adulting guide

If you wish you’d been taught more about loans than long division, or how to plan your finances rather than play the recorder, Claro’s adulting guide is for you.

We’ve put together a comprehensive, jargon-free guide for everything you wished you knew about your finances.

The Claro Savings Index

Feeling as if your financial goals are way out of your reach? What if we told you they’re actually way more achievable than you might think? Claro’s Savings Index will show you how small changes can make a big difference to your finances.

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Man at home working on a laptop - protect your finances during coronavirus

How to protect your finances from coronavirus

There’s no denying that coronavirus has had a huge impact on our personal finances – but how has this unprecedented event changed our attitude to money, and what can we learn from it?

Financial planning on a budget

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Everyone should have a financial plan – whatever your budget. Get started with our ultimate guide to starting small with your savings and investments.

Complete guide to ESG investing

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Thinking about how to invest in a more ethical, responsible way? ESG investing could be the answer – and we’ve got everything you need to know about it.

Money and mental health

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Money and mental health worries are connected, but so are the solutions. This guide will help you take positive action and start feeling better about your money.