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Understand what financial wellbeing looks like for you
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March 25th 1pm

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With Financial Coach Stacey Lowman

You’ll learn

What financial wellbeing means for you
Building self-awareness around how much money gives you freedom and security
Practical tips on savings, growing your money and setting goals for the future
Your capacity to weather financial shocks
Living well in the present while securing your financial future

About Stacey Lowman

Stacey has 12 years of experience in the investment industry, working for global corporates, fintechs and startups. She has completed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA) and Investment Management Certificate. Stacey became self-employed in 2018, setting up her own Financial Coaching business, with a focus on financial wellbeing and green money. She is also an Advisory Board Member for Friends of the Earth #OwnIt Programme, supporting women using personal finances to tackle the climate crisis. Stacey works with individual coaching clients and designs and delivers finance-related workshops. Stacey was also a Career Coach and the Learning Designer for Escape The City, supporting people transitioning into purpose-driven work. Stacey joined Claro as their first Financial Coach in January 2021.