Learn together with Group Coaching

Build your financial skills with our expert-led group coaching courses.

  • Virtual sessions
  • Small groups of up to 8
  • 3 x sessions per course

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Sarah, one of Claro's Financial Coaches

What to expect from a Group Coaching Course

Our courses are delivered via Zoom by our expert financial coaches and will equip you with the practical skills and confidence to take positive action with your finances.

Each course is delivered in three sessions, in small groups. It’s an opportunity to learn with like-minded peers, ask questions, and start building a strong financial future for yourself.

Our courses


This course will leave you feeling calm and in control of your spending, with a clear budget plan you can actually stick to.

  • 1 x 75 min + 2 x hour sessions
  • Small groups (8 max)
  • Just £99.95


In this course, you’ll gain the practical knowledge and confident mindset you’re looking for to begin investing.

  • 3 x 1 hour group sessions
  • Small groups (8 max)
  • Just £99.95

Meet our financial coaches



Stacey has 12 years’ experience in the investment industry, having worked for global corporates, fintechs and startups.

She has been a certified Financial Coach since 2016, and has completed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA) and Investment Management Certificate.

She joined us as a Financial Coach in January 2021. Her aim is to empower others to have a healthy and happy relationship with money.


Sarah Brill is a Qualified Financial and Transformational Mindset Coach.

Having spent the majority of her career in Dubai, Sarah returned to the UK to coach full time. She takes a solution-focused, holistic approach, starting with the end in mind.

Coach testimonials

Fantastic experience

My session with Stacey was lovely! She was friendly, knowledgeable and broke down all the technical jargon in a way that I could understand.

I walked away from my session feeling excited about my financial future and really eager to tackle my savings goals.

Insightful experience

Sarah was extremely personable and non-judgemental. She listened to me and adapted the session according to my needs. I got more from the session than I anticipated and will definitely look to continue financial coaching. Thank you, Sarah.

Finally educating myself – so long overdue!!

My coaching session with Stacey was hugely inspiring and thought-provoking. This is what I wrote to her as soon as we wrapped: “Thank you SO much. Mind blown by how much you know and how many gaps I have in my knowledge! But determined to learn. So thank you.”

Great coaching session, with loads of value!

I really enjoyed my coaching session with Sarah!

I especially liked the way Sarah approached things. She comes across in a friendly but professional way, all the while making me feel totally comfortable and relaxed.

Sarah was full of enthusiasm and energy, and it really made the whole session so brilliant!!