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When investing, your capital is at risk
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Get a personal trainer for your finances

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Your Coach can help you

Understand your money
Save for your first home
Start investing

Plan for your retirement
Build a smart money mindset
Achieve your goals

And answer your burning questions

  • How can I budget effectively?
  • How can I save to buy my first house?
  • Am I saving enough into my pension?
  • How can I get started investing?
  • How does the Help to Buy ISA work now it’s closed to new applicants?
  • How do I choose an ISA?
  • How can I invest ethically?

Meet our Coaches

Rachel, Head of Financial Planning

Rachel is a Chartered Financial Planner with 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry providing financial advice.

She’s now Head of Financial Planning and a Financial Coach here at Claro.

Rachel is passionate about helping people plan to achieve their goals and gain peace of mind around their finances.


Stacey, Financial Coach

Stacey has 12 years’ experience in the investment industry, having worked for global corporates, fintechs and startups.

She has been a certified Financial Coach since 2016, and has completed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA) and Investment Management Certificate.

She joined us as a Financial Coach in January 2021. Her aim is to empower others to have a healthy and happy relationship with money.

Sarah, Financial Coach

Sarah Brill is a Qualified Financial and Transformational Mindset Coach.

Having spent the majority of her career in Dubai, Sarah returned to the UK to coach full time. She takes a solution-focused, holistic approach, starting with the end in mind.

Praise for our coaches

What is a Financial Coach?

A Financial Coach is like a personal trainer or football coach.

Just like any coach, they can’t do the work for you (kick the ball or lift the weights) but they can inform and empower you to make smart financial decisions and feel confident about your own money management. 

How does Coaching work?

1. Book a coaching call

Book a call at a time that suits you. We’ll ask you for some information about your financial situation and goals ahead of the call so your coach can prepare for your session.

2. Speak to your Financial Coach

It’s time for your coaching session! Our coaching calls take place on Zoom. Get clarity on your situation, discuss your options and agree on actions to take next.

3. Set your goals

Create and refine your financial goals in the app. Tell us what you want to achieve, how much you’ll need and your timelines. You can then browse saving and investment products suitable for your goals.

4. Track your progress

Track your progress towards your goals and see how you can get there quicker. Keep in touch with your coach, get support from our community, and keep learning with articles, webinars and more.


For more Coaching FAQs see our FAQ page.