Learn to budget

Budgeting group coaching course

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed about your finances? Have you tried to budget but struggled to stick to it?

Our budgeting course will teach you the practical skills and give you the confidence to finally take control of your money.

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Sarah, one of Claro's Financial Coaches

With expert financial coach Sarah Brill

You will learn on the course:

  • About your relationship with money
  • How to set clear budgeting and financial goals
  • How to get more clarity around your money habits
  • How to feel more confident about budgeting
  • How to start executing your own budgeting plan
  • How to effectively track your spending
  • How to feel more financially secure
  • How to take positive steps towards your goals

This course is for you if:

  • You’re interested in budgeting but don’t know where to start
  • You’ve tried budgeting in the past but it’s never stuck
  • You find yourself avoiding your finances
  • The thought of looking at your finances feels scary or stressful

This course is not for you if:

  • You consider yourself to be in debt crisis
  • You are not a UK tax resident
  • You are under 18

How does group coaching work?

Our budgeting course is delivered via Zoom by our expert financial coaches Sarah Brill.

The course is delivered in three sessions, in small groups. It’s an opportunity to learn with like-minded peers, ask questions, and start building a strong financial future for yourself.

Meet your host, Sarah Brill

Sarah Brill is a Qualified Financial and Transformational Mindset Coach.

Having spent the majority of her career in Dubai, Sarah returned to the UK to coach full time. She takes a solution-focused, holistic approach, starting with the end in mind.

Testimonials for Sarah

Wish they taught these things in school!

Really insightful and friendly session – Sarah B was a dream to work with. Money talks are notoriously uncomfortable (although I think this is a norm that needs to be dismantled), but my session with Sarah gave me the tools and confidence I need to smash my goals. Forever grateful!

Insightful experience

Sarah was extremely personable and non-judgemental. She listened to me and adapted the session according to my needs. I got more from the session than I anticipated and will definitely look to continue financial coaching. Thank you, Sarah.

Knowledgeable, forthcoming and great!!

Fabulous, engaging, and well worth the time if you need and want to fulfil your long term financial goals. The rapport built up with Sarah in the first instance was key to helping me use the tools I needed to start moving forward.

Great coaching session, with loads of value!

I really enjoyed my coaching session with Sarah!

I especially liked the way Sarah approached things. She comes across in a friendly but professional way, all the while making me feel totally comfortable and relaxed.

Sarah was full of enthusiasm and energy, and it really made the whole session so brilliant!!