At Claro we believe in the power of talking about money. We collaborate with a wide range of authors and content creators to have real, honest money conversations.

Ellie Austin-Williams

Financial Content Writer & Founder of This Girl Talks Money

Ellie is a freelance personal finance writer and editor who loves talking about all things spending, saving and money management. Passionate about breaking down the complex and confusing parts of personal finance, Ellie is the founder of...

Clare Seal

Writer, Speaker & Founder of The FW Forum

Clare Seal is the creator of the My Frugal Year Instagram account, founder of The FW Forum and author of Real Life Money: An Honest Guide To Taking Control Of Your Finances (Headline 2020) and The Real Life Money Journal (Headline 2020)....

Hannah Duncan

ESG Investing & Finance Copywriter

Hannah Duncan is a financial copywriter, obsessed with exposing greenwashing and following sustainable finance developments like it's hot goss. Which it IS! Before living her best life as a freelancer, Hannah was a Senior Content Manager...

Henry Collie

Actor & Writer

Henry Collie is a copywriter who helps clients to find and communicate the cool parts of traditionally tedious topics. Henry doesn't believe in boring ideas—just mind-numbing presentation. Past clients include Freeformers and Skillbright...

Gaby Mendes

Founder and Director of Talk Twenties

As the Founder of Talk Twenties, Gaby’s mission is to support twenty-somethings with all the things you didn't get taught in school. After making a career change from teaching to event management in 2018, it was then that Gaby realised t...