At Claro we believe in the power of talking about money. We collaborate with a wide range of authors and content creators to have real, honest money conversations.

Clare Seal

Writer, Speaker & Founder of The FW Forum

Clare Seal is the creator of the My Frugal Year Instagram account, founder of The FW Forum and author of Real Life Money: An Honest Guide To Taking Control Of Your Finances (Headline 2020) and The Real Life Money Journal (Headline 2020)....

Hannah Duncan

Freelance Writer

Hannah's a financial copywriter, obsessed with exposing greenwashing and following sustainable finance developments like it's hot goss. Which it IS! Before living her best life as a freelancer, Hannah was a Senior Content Manager at Inve...

Henry Collie

Actor & Writer

Henry Collie is a copywriter who helps clients to find and communicate the cool parts of traditionally tedious topics. Henry doesn't believe in boring ideas—just mind-numbing presentation. Past clients include Freeformers and Skillbright...

Gaby Mendes

Founder and Director of Talk Twenties

As the Founder of Talk Twenties, Gaby’s mission is to support twenty-somethings with all the things you didn't get taught in school. After making a career change from teaching to event management in 2018, it was then that Gaby realised t...