Fighting against climate change: how we’ve protected one million trees thanks to you

25 January 2022 | Posted by Anna Panayi

At the start of 2021, we set a target of protecting one million rainforest trees by the end of the year. We’re incredibly proud and excited to announce that we have surpassed this target, and have protected 1,074,278 trees!

We’d like to thank you, our amazing community, for helping us make this possible. But that’s not the only thing to celebrate. Our partnership with One Tribe has protected rainforests in a number of locations across Central and South America as well as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, giving ownership back to indigenous people and saving the habitats of numerous endangered species.

Our year in numbers

  • 14,640,778 square metres of rainforest saved
  • Protected an area of land equivalent to 2050 football pitches!
  • 359,610.50 tonnes of CO2 stored
  • 33256 cars off the road

Our partnership with OneTribe

One Tribe work with The Rainforest Trust and other local organisations globally to stop deforestation of mature rainforest, protecting the indigenous tribes and endangered species that reside there. For every sign up at Claro we are helping fund these projects that work on giving land rights to indigenous tribes in various countries such as Bolivia and Peru.

At Claro, we want to empower everyone to make smarter financial decisions by giving them the tools to make these choices by themselves. This translates nicely to our partnership with One Tribe as our partnership also works with local communities to give indigenous tribes the tools and education to protect themselves and their lands from deforestation. Protecting what already exists is a huge part of the fight against climate change and we’re happy to be a part of this movement.

Key projects we’ve supported

Saving indigenous lands in Peru

Current issue: Hundreds of indigenous communities in the Loreto and Ucayali Regions of ​​Peru do not have recognised ownership rights of their land, and so have no legal instrument to defend their land from the pressures of logging and agricultural expansion that is ever-increasing.

How we’ve helped: Giving land titles to indigenous communities gives these communities legal rights to their land and management of these territories and also gives them the responsibility to care for the land. Providing land titles ensures that potential loggers are not able to encroach on and clear the land for farming – the land is now protected under law. This means that the habitats of endangered species such as the White-bellied Spider Monkey, Giant Otter and Black-faced Black Spider Monkey are also being protected, helping to protect these animals from the threat of extinction.

Community learning and deforestation prevention in Bolivia

Current issue: The Bajo Paragua forest in Bolivia is home to the indigenous tribe, the Guarasug’we. In 2020, a fire burnt 5-10% of the entire forest and if this trend continues, the entire forest is may be lost in the next few years, as well as the livelihood of this whole tribe.

How we’ve helped: Conservation partners are working on training, equipping and deploying patrols and fire brigades to protect the forest and its indigenous residents. This will allow the Guarasug’we to take control of their land and preserve their culture.

Thoughts from our CEOs

Claro have been an amazing partner for One Tribe, such an incredible team with a great missions and company ethics, helping people invest their money wisely and with a core focus on ESG it was a perfect fit. Hitting the one million trees protected mark is an incredible achievement, we know Claro will continue to grow as a business and we are happy to be part of their sustainability journey to success.
Ric Porteus, CEO of One Tribe
Our partnership with One Tribe has been a great way to help us connect with people that share similar vales as us at Claro and also have a positive impact at the same time. The work that One Tribe are doing is really amazing and we look forward to see where this partnership takes us in the future!
Rob Brockington, CEO of Claro Money

Why we chose tree protection over tree planting

There are so many companies who are offering to plant trees, but we wanted to do something that had an immediate impact.

What makes One Tribe special is their focus on protecting what exists – the people, the land, the whole ecosystem that is in fine balance. Building new forests are great initiatives but can take years to build up as rich an ecosystem.

What we offer on the Claro App

For every sign up to our app, Claro protects 25 trees. 

On top of this, we provide for our users an easy way to understand the ESG impact of their investments – through what we call “an Impact Score”. The Score is calculated using data from Claro’s ESG data specialist partner firm and is based on data ranging from companies-reported ESG metrics to public sources (such as news articles and media sentiment). The Impact Score is available for every portfolio on the platform. 

We also offer 2 ESG-focused portfolios: Good Energy and Conscious Lifestyle. While Good Energy focuses on companies in the green energy space, Conscious Lifestyle provides exposure to companies rated the highest in the overall ESG metrics – the option which, we believe, is minimising greenwashing.

What’s next for our partnership?

This year, we’re hoping for as much of our community as possible to have a coaching call, and hopefully get the rewards from speaking to a coach. That’s why we’re switching up how we’re rewarding our community with One Tribe and our focus will be on projects that protect more mature trees that cover a larger area of rainforest.

Here’s what’s upcoming:

  • For every coaching call booked we’ll protect (100 square metres of land)

If you choose to invest, your capital is at risk


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